Traditionally high school graduates go off to college, however, college is not for everyone. Deciding not continue your education does not mean owning your own business is impossible. Entrepreneurship guidance will empower and skill our protégés to obtain their own businesses. 

Life Skills

Teaches importance of credit and what credit ratings mean as they transition into adulthood. Financial literacy training will allow our protégés to effectively manage money while our Job Shadowing program will give our protégés’ the opportunity to shadow someone in their field of interest. 


 Someone who is empowered can take control of their life by making positive decisions. Setting goals and believing in yourself is key. E.Y.A.S. wants to assist our protégés’ in developing a can-do attitude and understand that self-empowerment will be an asset to their lives. Knowing your strengths and flaws is a key factor in empowering yourself. 


No upcoming events.

So Fresh and So Clean Donation Pickup/ Drop off Request

 Empowering Youth Achieving Success and Flouriishcpt are collaborating to provide The So Fresh and So Clean Clothing & Hygiene Refreshers Giveaway. This June 30th event will be a free community event. We will assisting the first 200 people with clothing, hygiene, and food. To be effective in creating a successful event, we are seeking companies and individuals willing to partner with us for a worthy cause.